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PostSubject: RAID RULES   Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:33 pm

Raid times are 20:30 - 23:00 server time.
Raid days are still to be decided.

Invites start at 20:25 and first pull is at 20:45.

You MUST come with flasks, pots, food etc to ALL 25 man raids and ulduar 10.

You must have money for repairs. Whenever we are not raiding people should use this time to farm gold.

Members get priority over trials and class leaders over members. (On terms of being invited to raid)

When raid leader is speaking no one else speaks on vent.

Talking on vent is allowed during trash but not on bosses. Only raid leader and people who NEED to talk will talk on vent during boss encounters. E.g. Tanks telling each other to taunt the boss.

If you need to go AFK you let the raid leader know in a WHISPER.

Once you click the "Yes" button in a readycheck, you must be focused on your screen and your screen only. Accepting a ready check and then going afk will result in a warning. If you accidently click the wrong button then say so.

No slacking on trash please.

Raid ends when raid leader says so.

No ninja pulling or you will be kicked from raid.

Stay focused on the raid.
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