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PostSubject: LOOT RULES   Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:24 am

Every member has two point totals: EP (Effort Points) and GP (Gear Points). The ratio of these (EP/GP) is called your PR (Priority Rating).

Effort Points (EP)
You earn EP as you participate in guild events
You will earn more EP for being on-time, having your consumables and food, etc.
Progression fights (learning the bosses) are worth more EP than ‘farm’ fights
Only proper guild events will award EP (not 5-man stuff, etc.)
Gear Points (GP)
Each item in the game has a fixed ‘GP’ cost
This is equated based on iLvl (http://code.google.com/p/epgp/wiki/WhatIsEPGP_v2)
Fun/PvP items might have a reduced GP cost (not yet decided)
Only items obtained during proper guild events will cost GP (not 5-man stuff, etc.)
Priority Rating (PR)
Very simple: (EP / GP) = PR. (If your GP is 0, it’s treated as 1)
If you have 1,000 EP and 500 GP your PR is 2.
The person with the highest PR gets the item. Ties are determined by whoever has the higher EP. If this is tied, /random.


Minimum EP
To prevent new members from easily obtaining their first piece of loot, you there will be a “minimum” number of EP required before you can win an item. At the moment we’re tweaking this number to be around 1-2 raid’s worth of EP.

Sam has been raiding with Fusion for a while. He has 4,500 EP and 2,500 GP, for a PR of 1.8.
Bob is on his first raid with Fusion and so far has earned 500 EP, spending no GP for a PR of 500.

An item drops (worth 500 GP) that both Sam and Bob want. Bob’s PR is MUCH higher than Sam’s (500 to 1.Cool but the Guild’s Minimum EP is 1,500. Therefore Sam wins the item and moves to 4,500 EP, 3,000 GP for a PR of 1.5. Bob will have to wait until he has earned 1,500 EP to get his first item.


Every week some (we’re thinking 5%) of your accumulated EP and GP totals will decay (disappear). This is done to prevent inflation and encourage members to take items. Please note that your PR won’t change!


Imporant Notes
EP and GP are not linked

The amount of GP in an instance (through items dropped) does not change the number of EP earned
This prevents situations where one week’s Naxx run awarded 1,500 EP while another run only awarded 1,000.
Think of them as two completely different point totals; how much I’ve contributed and how much I’ve taken.
Prioritised Loot costs full GP

Tanks will be given Tier tokens before other classes to aid progression.
These tokens will cost FULL GP and will likely push Tank’s PR down quite low while they are gearing up.
Tanks and other priotised-loot classes must make peace with this.
They are sacrificing fun/pvp items to get everyone else some nice purples.

Sam: 4,500 EP; 3,000 GP; 1.5 PR
Bob: 500 EP; 0 GP; 500 PR (0 GP treated as 1)
Fiona: 1,750 EP; 2,250 GP; 0.78 PR
Lachlan: 3,500 EP; 4,500 GP; 0.78 PR
An item drops that all four players want. Who get’s the item?
Bob’s PR is the highest (500) but he does not meet the minimum EP requirements (1,500).
Sam’s PR is the next highest (1.5) so he wins the item.

An item drops that Fiona and Lachlan both want. Who wins?
Fiona and Lachlan’s PR are the same (0.78).
Lachlan has more EP (3,500 to Fiona’s 1,750) so he wins the item.

A tier token drops that Sam and Fiona want. Fiona is a tank and is given loot priority.
Fiona is charged full GP for the item (for example, 500) and will have her PR dropped (to 0.63).
Sam will have to wait until the token drops again, even though he has a higher PR.


100 EP per boss.
50 EP every 30 mins in raid.
100 EP for being on time.
200 EP for attending the raid to finish.
100 EP extra per boss for doing hard modes.

Need - Main spec
Greed - Offspec
Pass - Cant use or dont want.
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