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PostSubject: FUSION GUILD RULES   Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:43 am

Please take your time to read these rules as anyone that doesnt stick by them may get a warning. And that means scroll down ALL the way down so you pick up the important ones (that may be at the bottom).

Guild Rules

Firstly we are a casual raid guild which means you raid when you want as long as you keep active enough in the guild. This being if you go away for longer than 3 weeks without posting a message on forum or letting an officer know, then you will be demoted or maybe even removed from the guild depending on the situation.

The main objective of this guild has is to be a nice freindly raiding community where everyone gets along with each other and where there is no hate or disagreement between members. We also want to progress as far as we can aswell ofcourse as that is the sole purpose of a raiding guild whether it being casual or hardcore.

Below are some rules that we believe should be implemented and enforced.

1. Upon joining our guild new members will be given a 2 week trial period. In this period people will earn credit (EPGP, see more about this below) for raiding and will have a chance to win some gear but will not have priority over members. Members being all ranks above the "Member" Rank with Class Leaders, Officers and the Guild Master being counted as members also.

2. After the trial the officers will decide if that particular trial has done enough to become a member of the guild. If not, then they will either be removed from the guild or given an extended trial depending on the circumstances. If the officers believe that the trial has passed and has been consistant in raids then he/she will be premoted to the member rank where he/she will be treated as any other member in the guild. (We do not have favourites, raiding is about teamwork and teamwork is what we shall excell in).

3. If a member of Fusion is reported to the officers for being rude or disrespectfull to any other guild member or player in moonglade then they will be given a warning, get demoted or maybe even kicked from the guild depending on the situation. (This goes for all ranks, officers included).

4. Members who excel in raiding and prove they know their class well may be asked if they want to be promoted to raider rank. Raiders will have privaleges over members. Such as more chance of getting into raids, more access to guild bank, and more gold for repairs (still under consideration). Please note : Anyone who asks to be promoted will be rejected and will most likely move down on the list.

5. If the officers believe that a member has made an exceptional effort towards the guild and feel they are responsible for being an officer they will be premoted to officer rank. They will be tested on their officer skills and maybe raid leading skills depeding on what they will be responsible for.

6. There is to be NO buying your promotions. This means you can put 10,000g in Guild Bank or fill it with as much Epics as you want. People get promoted from being active, helpful and freindly and a promotion should be seen as a mark of respect and not a reward for depositing stuff in Guild Bank.

7. Guild runs are:
Ulduar 10/25. This must NEVER be PUGed.
Naxx 10/25. These can be PUGed on monday/tuesday as long as we are not doing them as a guild.
Otherwise naxx is counted as a guild run and must NOT be PUGed until monday atleast.

8. If you want anything from Guild bank, it's half the price of the AH. Please /w an officer with the item/s you want. Only members can ask for items from the guild bank. If anyone does buy an item for half price from bank and it is later seen in the AH being sold by that same person a warning or guild kick should be expected.

9. Donations of both gold and items are very welcome to the guild bank but please do not fill the guild bank with items that are not neccesary for the guild. e.g. Strange Dust. If you do happen to donate an item to the guild bank that you did not want to put in there (accidently) then you must immediatly /w or mail an officer to take it out for you and give it you back. If you do not /w or mail an officer within a day (24 hours) of putting the item in then you cannot get it back. Money donations will NOT be given back as it is EXTREMELY difficult to "accidently" deposit money in the bank.
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